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Welcome to VUIM

As we know, acupuncture and oriental medicine has been around for thousands of years.  The practice and art of acupuncture is the culmination of self preservation, holistic study, and the affirmation of a deep-rooted belief and commitment to “self-preservation”, “prevention”, “healing”, and caring for others’ well being.  But it has had difficulty gaining wide acceptance in the west due to difficulties in verification of the medicine.  Through a growing body of evidence that proves that acupuncture and oriental medicine work effectively for so many ailments, more and more western institutions such as university hospitals and insurers have adopted AOM as an integral part of their eco-systems.  And just like when there was the belief that the earth was flat and not round or that a concussion was just a bad headache, science is validating the efficacy and true healing powers of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

At Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM), we carry on this deep-rooted belief and commitment by bridging traditional practices with new techniques and ideas; and we do so by living out the following core values every day:  

Compassion, Community, Integrity, Innovation, and Inspiration.

Our faculty strives to motivate and inspire our students by setting high standards and meeting those standards through innovative pedagogical methodologies while keeping things fun and interesting.  The VUIM clinic staff supports and reaffirms didactic learning for interns while serving and treating patients with the utmost care and compassion.  Everyone at VUIM, from top to bottom and from the ground-up, cares deeply for student development and student life.  While we cannot guarantee that you will win the Nobel Prize, we can guarantee that you will be treated and supported with great care and appreciation.

So come join the VUIM community to be part of this growing field and become leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to Virginia University of Integrative Medicine!


John D. Shin, J.D.