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Educational Objectives

The Purpose of the Master’s Program is to create leading practitioners of Integrative Medicine through student centered educational structures and experiences that will produce the following competencies:

1Defend an etiology of disease from an Integrative Medicine perspective and utilize this to create and recommend disease prevention strategies.
2Have the ability to formulate a logical treatment principle from an Integrative Medical diagnosis which can be put into action utilizing Integrative Medical modalities.
3Evaluate patients exhibiting complaints from within the appropriate scope of practice utilizing the Four Pillars of Diagnosis to formulate a treatment plan.
4Create acupuncture and herbal prescriptions along with supplemental modality treatment plans that can be justified through logical reasoning utilizing Integrative Medicine principles.
5Demonstrate competency in administering a treatment plan as part of the clinical encounter.
6Identify and demonstrate knowledge of situations and symptoms which necessitate the need for referral to an appropriate health care professional.
7Demonstrate the ability to communicate in a professional manner the oriental medicine concepts and diagnoses to other qualified complementary healthcare professionals.
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