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Faculty Job Positing

The Virginia University of Integrative Medicine is seeking experienced Adjunct Faculty for its Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program. The chosen candidate will report to executive team members and the Academic Dean.

Job Summary and Application Process:

  • Classes and clinic shifts are offered weekdays, weeknights and weekends.
  • Applicants should have prior professional experience as an AOM practitioner; experience supervising clinical interns is preferred for clinical supervision. Experience teaching in higher educational institutions is also appreciated but we will also provide guidance.
  • After an initial interview, all prospective didactic faculty are asked to present a 20 minute class demonstration; clinical supervisors are asked to demonstrate supervision with our students within a clinical setting.

AOM Position Requirements:

  1. Master degree in Oriental Medicine
    a. DAOM (Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) is preferred.
  2. NCCAOM certification (Dipl in Integrative Medicine preferred; a Dipl in Acupuncture may qualify if teaching Acupuncture-only courses, or if appropriate herbal training and clinical practice can be demonstrated)
  3. Fluency in English
  4. State licensure to practice Acupuncture in Virginia (for faculty teaching courses involving needling techniques)

Clinic Supervisors are responsible for a 4.5 hour shift. Experience as a clinical supervisor is desired; training is available for qualified candidates without prior clinical supervision experience. State licensure to practice in Virginia is required for this role.

Oriental Medicine Faculty

Herbal training is required for faculty of OM Internal Medicine and clinical courses.

Herbal Medicine Faculty

In addition to the AOM Position requirements listed above, herbal medicine faculty must be NCCAOM certified (Dipl in Oriental Medicine or Acupuncture and Herbology). Prior experience delivering herbal education and operating a clinical practice that provides herbal treatments is preferred.

Western Medicine Department Faculty

  1. Candidates holding a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Chiropractor, Registered Nurse/Nurse
    Practitioner, Nursing PhD are preferred.
  2. Terminal degree candidates preferred

NOTE: All four roles will also be available for the University’s Chinese Language Master of Science Oriental Medicine/Master of Science Acupuncture Degree track and Korean Language Master of Science Integrative Medicine/Master of Science Acupuncture Degree track.  For those candidates interested in joining these new degree programs, Chinese Language or Korean Language fluency is required.

Faculty Member Job Description:

List of Duties: Faculty members shall work under the general direction of the Dean and must provide full cooperation with the Program Staff. Faculty members shall be responsible for the following duties:

1. Provide quality academic and clinical instruction and counseling to students.
2. Provide academic and clinical course content as indicated in the curriculum, course descriptions and official syllabi.
3. Uphold VUIM academic standards and policies.
4. Review and submit recommendations for curriculum development, teaching effectiveness and faculty development.
5. Attend assigned faculty, departmental and academic committee meetings.
6. Attend Commencement and all other official VUIM ceremonies.
7. Maintain scholarship and current knowledge of one’s academic expertise.
8. Maintain record of student class attendance prior to each class session.
9. Submit attendance record as required.
10. Adhere to the class schedule and conduct class sessions timely.
11. Report excessive absenteeism or non-attendance to the Registrar immediately upon knowledge of such.
12. Submit a course syllabus no later than one week prior to the first day of class for each course with course outline setting forth course content, objectives and methods whereby students will be evaluated.
13. Conduct more than one formal evaluation of student or intern learning through reliable assessment methodology. Assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies should evaluate students at their respective level of education and must be relevant to course content that is set forth in the syllabi.
14. Provide fair and honest grading.
15. Grade examinations in a timely manner to provide feedback. Each exam or quiz administered must be graded within 48 hours of the examination date. Final course grades for each student must be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam.
16. Maintain and secure records of student grades.
17. Submit all grade reports that accurately reports student examination scores no later than the end of the first week of quarter break.
18. Report any teaching schedule changes.
19. Maintain open-mindedness to results of peer and student evaluation.
20. Follow administrative guidelines of copying, preparing tests and grade reports, submitting syllabi and any other material as requested by the Provost or Program Directors in a timely manner.
21. Participate in syllabus review and “ownership” including brainstorming with the academic leadership team pathways to meeting course objectives, schedules and assessments.
22. Analyze course data to improve student achievements.
23. Work with other departmental faculty to develop the academic curriculum.
24. Monitor student academic progress
25. Participate in faculty advising
26. Load all materials to the respective areas in Populi. Any powerpoints/handouts/printed teaching aides must be loaded to Populi for student access within 24 hours of use in class.
27. Prepare and submit detailed course and other reports and grades in a timely manner
28. Take attendance and report absences to the Dean and Registrar in a timely manner
29. Engage in faculty development and in-service opportunities that are provided. Two professional development activities must be completed each calendar year.
30. Attendance at all Faculty Meetings and In-service Training sessions is mandatory.
31. Teaching: The work of teaching entails basic tasks and functions including but not limited to:

  • INSTRUCTION of students in classroom sessions, tutorials, laboratories and clinic; instruction at workshops, seminars; course management via planning student learning, grading, maintaining student academic achievement and attendance records;
  • ADVISING, GUIDING, MENTORING, SUPERVISING of students in laboratory, clinic and VUIM community outreach; advising students in academics, career, counseling referral; supervising teaching assistants, students in independent study, research projects, thesis or dissertation, clinical internships;
  • DEVELOPING CURRICULUM by reviewing, revising and redesigning courses; developing teaching materials and manuals;
  • INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT by evaluating teaching competencies of fellow faculty members; attending continuing education seminars and workshops sponsored by VUIM; managing and mentoring fellow faculty members.

32. Academic Freedom for Students: Students shall have the right to freedom of expression, proper academic evaluation, and protection against improper disclosure:
33. Freedom of Expression: Students should be free to reasonably disagree to the data and views offered in any course of study and reserve judgment about matters of opinion. However, they are responsible for learning the content of any course of study in which they are enrolled.
34. Improper Academic Evaluation: Students should have protection through orderly procedures against prejudiced or capricious academic evaluation. They are responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled.
35. Research and Scholarly Activities: These are project oriented activities such as basic science, clinical research, authorship of publications, and scholarly media productions.
36. The activities entail all of the following:

  • RESEARCH involves conducting basic science, clinical science, and clinical research; writing and editing papers, publications, journals, abstracts, conference documents, textbooks, translations and peer reviews;
  • PRODUCING scholarly media productions, videos; scholarly competitions, commissions, exhibitions; editing journals, newsletters or other learned publications; serving as consultants of such productions;
  • MANAGING RESEARCH through task forces, writing proposals to research funding organizations; serving as Principal Investigator or Project Manager on grants or contracts; preparing required reports;
  • SCHOLARSHIP through attending continuing education seminars/workshops related to research and scholarly activity; serving as Associate Investigator on research grants/projects.

37. Professional and Practice Activities: VUIM faculty may have opportunity to apply their expertise outside VUIM. In doing so, they can enhance VUIM’s academic reputation, receive recognition for making professional contributions to the profession and to further enhance student learning. VUIM faculty members are encouraged to contribute and develop in these areas. These activities can be done in association with agencies, groups, or individuals and are beyond the usual work of VUIM. This includes evaluation and consultations, participating as members of professional organizations, disseminating knowledge to various groups in society, performing special project work, and participating in various types of clinical practice.

  • CONSULTING may entail consultation for individuals or organizations regarding professional programs, policy development or personnel issues; serving on professional, accreditation, examination or licensing boards,
  • DISSEMINATION OF KNOWLEDGE includes but is not limited to providing technical assistance to public/private organizations; conducting public policy analysis for local, state, national & international agencies; conducting seminars, conferences and lectures; translating academic documents;
  • COLLABORATION with schools, professional organizations, civic agencies to develop policy; participating in educational institutions’ events & programs;
  • CLINICAL SERVICE as clinic education, faculty practice, private practice, patient care conference, supervision of clinic staff, providing/supervising health care outside of assigned duties and attending continuing education activities.

Please send your CV and transcript to