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[expand title=”Compassion”]VUIM believes in and cultivates compassion in our way of interacting with all community members plus in our teaching philosophy. A practitioner of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is most successful when rooted in compassion.[/expand]


[expand title=”Affable”]VUIM believe that we need to not only develop our medical knowledge and skills, but to develop our skills in human interaction. VUIM is a wonderful community where there are plentiful opportunities to interact with peers and supervisors in classes and socially to enjoy others’ company and learn the basic skills of communication.[/expand]


[expand title=”Rational”]The attainment of the highest degree of knowledge and skill allows for practice with focused awareness and intention. VUIM students are challenged and led to achieve their potentials and strive for levels higher than information recall. VUIM pledges support to our students in their goals throughout their journey of discovery in this amazing medicine.[/expand]


[expand title=”Experienced”]One is not born a Master. VUIM students learn Integrative Medicine and also gain valuable experience in the clinical portion of VUIM’s educational curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to observe highly skilled Integrative Medicine Doctors from around the world, witness their book knowledge be explained and demonstrated, and ultimately treat their own patients under the supervision of our exceptional clinical staff. It is important for students to see clinical results. Seeing the effectiveness of this medicine rich in history and philosophy is where one really cultivates the love and passion which carries each student through the challenges of their journey.[/expand]


[expand title=”Scholarly”]VUIM is a leader in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine education in terms of curriculum design as well as our approach to Integrative Medicine. We regard each student as an individual and strive to help them discover their talents and styles of learning so we may support the achievement of their educational and occupational goals. The tools for a lifelong study of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine are developed while in school and students are encouraged to indulge in the rich vastness of the medical giants that have come before us.[/expand]