AC375 – Meridian Theory and Secondary Vessels

Course category: Acupuncture

Course Name:Meridian Theory and Secondary Vessels

Required Textbook1: 
A Manual of Acupuncture, 2nd Edition. (2007) Deadman, Peter, Al-Khafaji, Mazin, and Baker, Kevin. Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications.
ISBN 978-0951054659
Buy New Book Price: $142.50

Required Textbook2:
Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion; 3rd Edition. (2010). Cheng, X. Foreign Languages Press. Abbreviation: CAM
ISBN 978-7119059945
Buy New Book Price: $39.99

Required Textbook3:
Acupuncture Channels and Points: An Interactive Study and Reference Manual. (2008). Campbell, Joan L. Elsevier Health Sciences. Abbreviation:ACP
ISBN 978-0729538664
Buy New Book Price: $241.99

Required Textbook4:
The Channels of Acupuncture: Clinical Use of the Secondary Meridians and Eight Extraordinary Vessels. (2007). Maciocia, Giovanni. Churchill Livingstone, Inc. Abbreviation: CA
ISBN 978-0443074912
Buy New Book Price: $142.26

Required Textbook5:
Navigating the Channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (2004). Ni, T., Rosenbaum, R., Zhang, Z. Complementary Medicine Press.
ISBN 978-0967303437
Buy New Book Price: $40.00