The Admissions team at VUIM answers questions and guides you through the application process! We are dedicated to supporting prospective student inquiry so that the field of Acupuncture continues to grow and develop. Adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics is a top priority. 

Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission as early as possible as we have a rolling application process.  The application fee is $125 for all students. An additional fee of $75 will be charged for international student applicants (students seeking a visa to study in the US). Please take a look at the priority application deadlines below for more information.

 Summer 19Fall 19Winter 20Spring 20
Priority Deadline06/03/1909/02/1912/02/1903/02/20
Application Deadline06/26/1909/24/1912/26/1903/31/20
State Date07/01/1909/30/1901/01/2004/06/20

Important Admissions Policies

Deferral of an Admissions Decision

VUIM allows admitted students to defer their enrollment one time, for up to one year. Admitted students must pay their tuition deposit at the time of deferral to secure their seat in the future class term. If an admitted student does not enroll at the time chosen, their file will be discarded and they will be required to re-apply at a later date.

Administrative Withdrawal of an Application

Prospective student applicants who do not complete the admissions process for their intended start term or who are accepted but do not notify the office of admissions that they intend to defer their offer of admission will have their application administratively withdrawn. Prospective students in this situation are encouraged to contact the office of admissions at anytime to inquire about the status of their past application and to determine the steps required to re-apply.

Admissions Records Retention

VUIM holds official transcripts for up to one year from receipt. After one year, any transcripts received for a student who has not enrolled will be discarded.

Conditional Admission

Candidates for admission may be admitted conditionally. Conditional admission is a temporary status given to candidates who have not met one of the admissions requirements fully. Conditional admission requires a student to meet their “condition” of admission no later than the end of the first term that they are enrolled. Therefore, if they do not meet the condition of admission, they will be withdrawn and are required to re-apply in the future.

Please contact us at with your inquiries.

Please expect a reply within 48 business hour of your request. 

Admissions Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00 pm