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Cost of Attendance (COA)

The cost of Attendance for a student is an estimate of that student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment

  • The COA is not the bill that you may get from school. The COA is the average cost to attend our school for one academic year.
  • The COA includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.
  • The COA is the cornerstone of establishing a student’s financial need, as it sets a limit on the total aid that a student may receive. For example, Federal loan(s) are capped at the cost of attendance minus other aid received, based on the period of enrollment.
  • The COA will generally increase each year due to inflationary increases in the various components of the cost of attendance. This includes increases in the tuition and fees, and increases in the cost of room and board. So school adjusts the COA yearly to reflect changes to these costs.