Develop a new skill, advance your career! Earn a Master of Science in Acupuncture! 

How does having an education in Nursing benefit you in pursuing an advanced degree in Acupuncture?
With extensive education and practical western medicine experience, you can shorten the completion of a VUIM Graduate Master’s level degree by one-third (1/3) – allowing you to further develop a holistic practice of care!

Why Join VUIM?

Our Faculty

Taught by highly skilled practitioners from around the world, VUIM offers Graduate (Master’s and Doctoral) level education in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine!

Community Commitment

VUIM’s goal is to support the advancement of the Acupuncture field, to provide students with an opportunity to have a fulfilling and financially stable career, and to provide our communities with an affordable healthcare option.

Earning Potential

Strong earning potential after graduation: May 2021 median annual wage: $60,570 (as reported by BLS).


Successful completion of VUIM Acupuncture programs provides a pathway to licensure in all US states.

Details of Benefits for Licensed Nurses

  • Second-most affordable cost of tuition for an Acupuncture program in the United States.
  • Approved earned credit for all applicable western biomedical science courses, based on your active Nursing license (per accreditation standards)  – up to 50 credits. For example, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biology, Chemistry, Research Methods, Medical Terminology, Internal Medicine, etc.
  1. 50 Credits of transfer represents approximately $13K in savings from the standard cost of tuition.
  2. VUIM will waive the transfer credit evaluation fee ($400) for all
    Nurses who begin a program of study.
  3. The application fee is reduced from $125 to $50.
  4. $400 tuition deposit waived for Financial Aid or VA benefit-eligible

Who might be a good fit?

People who are good listeners, who are compassionate, who care about others, who are entrepreneurial, and want to achieve personal, professional, and financial independence.