Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Attending the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine is always an investment for all of our students; an investment we believe will offer significant satisfaction and academic returns. As a measure to support this financial and academic commitment, the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine is pleased to announce its participation in the Federal Financial Aid program through its Title IV Certification.

The United States Department of Education (DOE) has provided approval to the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine to offer its student body the opportunity to access federal loan opportunities to fund their academic pursuits at VUIM. The Title IV, HEA programs for which VUIM has been certified and approved are listed below:

Federal Direct Student Loan Program

Any student who is interested may now submit his/her FAFSA application through and associate the application with the Virginia University of Integrative Medicine through the following school code:

OPEID: 042395

Please keep in mind that international students (F-1 VISA status) do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid.

If you are interested in pursuing federal aid to fund your education through student loans that will now be made available through a FAFSA submission, please feel free to do so. Most importantly, if you have any questions regarding the federal student aid application process, please do not hesitate to contact the VUIM administrative office – we are here to assist.