CARES Act Funding FAQ

Yes, under the CARES Act, VUIM will be provided with $39,718 to be made available to students with financial hardship needs. 

Yes, VUIM received this funding from the federal government on January 13th, 2021. 

Only enrolled, degree/certificate seeking students who are eligible for financial aid (as set forth by the FAFSA), may receive awards under the COVID-19 CARES Act. 

DACA students and International students are NOT eligible for the CARES Act awards. 

Yes, students must be currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program, taking at least 6 credits to be considered for emergency assistance funding.

Yes. Although, VUIM does not have other substantive financial assistance program available at this time – students may be eligible for modified tuition payment plans. Contact to set a payment plan. 

No, the institution may not use CARES funding to directly satisfy a student’s outstanding account balance.

No, The U.S. Department of Education has confirmed that this funding is not considered Estimated Financial Assistance.

Funding will be sent within 14 days of approval. Students must submit their application within the deadline (TBD) and confirm acceptance of funds before they will be released.