Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

MSA, MSOM & CEAN Programs  
Tuition per Didactic Quarter Credit                               $260 per credit
Tuition per Clinical Hour $460 per credit
DAc. & DOM Programs  
Tuition per Credit Hour $350 per credit
DAOM Program  
Tuition per Credit Hour (All DAOM Courses) $300 per credit
One-Time Fees (Non-Refundable)
Application Fee for Admissions $125
International Students: Supplemental Application Fee $75
Tuition Deposit (A tuition deposit is required from all new students who are admitted to a program to secure a space in the class)  $400
Student Keycard $10
Transfer/Exemption Credit Evaluation Fee $400
Foreign Transcript Translation Fee $75
Foreign Transcript Evaluation Fee $330

Graduation Fee (MSA, MSOM, and DAOM programs)

Graduation Fee (CEAN and PD completion programs)



Graduation Exam Fee  $200
Recurring Fees (Non-Refundable)
Registration fee

$80 per quarter (Masters)

$100 per quarter (DAOM)

Internship Fee (Interns Only)

$100 per quarter

Malpractice Insurance fee
(This fee will be automatically charged to students when they register for their first clinical internship course.)

Malpractice Insurance Extension fee



$ 400 (all programs)


$100 (one-time fee, for any extension beyond the expected time frame to complete the program)


Quarterly Tuition Payment Plan(Non-Refundable)
The payment plan allows the student to divide the total tuition and fees for each quarter into 2 payments. The first payment is due by the payment due date. The remaining payment is due within 30 days. All fees are due at time of initial payment. Late payments on this plan will incur additional fees.
Setup Fee $ 40
Late Fee for Payment Plans
(Payable if a payment made under the payment plan after the due date.)
$ 50
Late Fees and Penalties (Non-Refundable)  
Late Registration Fee
(Payable when a student does not submit their registration form and pay their registration fee before the due date each term. The fee does not apply to new students.)
Late Tuition Payment Penalty
(A one time fee for all students who do not pay their tuition by the deadline each term. Payment plan requests must be submitted before the due date to avoid this fee.)
Course Withdrawal Fee
(Payable when withdrawing from a course between weeks 2 and 6 of the term.)
Late Add Fee
(Payable for each course added after the add/drop period. Students will only be permitted to add a course late until the end of the second week of the course.)
Other Fees (Non-Refundable)
Student Identification Card (Replacements) $10
Student Keycard (Replacements) $15
Course Challenge Exam Fee (per exam) $125
Clinic Exam Retake Fee $25 per exam
Didactic Exam Retake Fee $50 per exam
Course Audit Fee $80 per Credit
Official Transcripts


Diploma (Replacement) $60
A Returned Check $35
Express Mail (Domestic) $35
Express Mail (Foreign) $75
Library Fees
(All fees for late returns, lost books, print, and copy services are detailed in the library manual. Fines and Penalties must be paid prior to registration.)
International Student F-1 Visa Processing Fees (Non-Refundable)
 I-20 Re-issue Fee $10 

VUIM Cost of Program